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Top 4 Reasons Why Fax Machines Still Rock

Posted by Wholesale Copier Parts on 11/8/2015
In this modern age and time, many would think that fax machines would become obsolete. On the contrary, despite the new available technologies at present, these machines continue to proliferate and provide reliable use in offices. Fax machines still rock! 

Securing Data in Your Multi-Function Office Copiers and Printers

Posted by Wholesale Copier Parts on 2/7/2015
Office copiers are multifunctional additions inside office environments that can print and generate multiple copies of paper documents. These are the go-to machines for almost every department inside the organization that requires a steady supply of paper documents for administrative, communications or training purposes. While these are highly reliable and dependable office equipment, owning and maintaining multi-function copiers can also pose security and privacy challenges.