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Separation Roll - FB2-7777, FB2-7777-000, FB27777, FB2-7777-020

Separation Roll - FB2-7777, FB2-7777-000, FB27777, FB2-7777-020

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Part Number:FB2-7777, FB2-7777-000, FB2-7777-020, FB27777
Paper Feed Roller - Separation Roller - FB2-777-000, FB2-7777, FB27777

  • For Use In: CLC1100, CLC1110, CLC1120, CLC1140, CLC1150, CLC1180, imageRUNNER 85, imageRUNNER 330, imageRUNNER 330E, imageRUNNER 330N, imageRUNNER 330S, imageRUNNER 400, imageRUNNER 400E, imageRUNNER 400N, imageRUNNER 400S, imageRUNNER 550, imageRUNNER 600, imageRUNNER 5000, imageRUNNER 5000S, imageRUNNER 5020, imageRUNNER 5020i, imageRUNNER 5050, imageRUNNER 5050N, imageRUNNER 5570, imageRUNNER 6000, imageRUNNER 6000S, imageRUNNER 6020, imageRUNNER 6020i, imageRUNNER 6570, imageRUNNER 7200, imageRUNNER 8500, imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5030, imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5035, imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5045, imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5051, NP6085, NP6285, NP6350, NP6545, NP6551, NP6560, NP7550, PDD1, PDE1, PDF1, PDL1, PDM1, PDP1, PDR1

  • Equivalent to Canon #: FB2-7777-000, FB2-7777

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